Bridge the Gap project is a partnership made up of subjects interested in vocational education and training such as trainers or VET-professionals, SME, adult education providers, schools and Institutions, but we intend to involve also social partners or other VET stakeholders in order to:

*  Develop guidance and support for VET;

*  Open VET to flexible pathways which include ICT knowledge & innovative teaching and training methods for the 21st century and create better conditions for transition to working life;

*  Reinforce or create closer links between VET and working life;

*  Promote the recognition of non-formal and informal learning.

It will analyse 4 topics which will be objects of Local researches and “International future workshops”. The 4 selected working areas are connected with the use of ICT and outdoor activity in different economic sectors: tourism, culture, communication, and environmental education and education in nature.

‘This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community and the Life Long Learning Programme. This Web site was created to support public access to information about social competency and related resources. The information was created and is maintained by the institutions involved into Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project: Bridge the Gap and is the responsibility of these institutions. The views and opinions expressed in the Web site do not necessarily state or reflect those of the European Commission.’